1 hour


This tour will include a bilingual pilot as your guide. 

What to Wear

It is recommended that one dresses in light sportswear.

What to Pack

Your camera & sunglasses!

The Journey

Go on an exciting helicopter ride from Panama City over to the Panama Canal. Flying at only 800 feet after take off you are treated to an optimum vantage point of the Canals’ system of locks. As you fly along side the Culebra Cut, a narrow passageway in the Canal, you are likely to see a ship passing through due to the fact that at this point in the Canal there is only room for one ship at a time.

After flying over the Culebra Cut you’ll be heading over to The Canopy Tower, one of Panama’s most visited bird watching destinations. You can see the canopy along the mountainside as the roof is just a bit higher than the tree tops. The Canopy features an astonishing number of species and is widely known throughout the region.

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Once you pass The Canopy you will be flying over the Gamboa Rainforest Resort and then to Gatun Locks. Gatun Locks is the only set of locks on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal. It’s at this point in that the Canals really opens up. You can see all the little rivers that comprise the Canal. You definitely want to have your camera with you.

After a loop around the locks you’ll be headed back to Panama City. The ride back will be nice as the Canal will be out your left window for the remainder of the ride. The flight back will be at a higher elevation so you get a really wide and expansive view.

A Helicopter Ride of a Lifetime
Helicopter R442 passengers$735.00 USD x Half hr.
Helicopter R443 passengers$935.00 USD x Half hr.
Helicopter R664 passengers$1650.00 USD x Hr.
Helicopter Astar5 passengers$2350.00 USD x Hr.

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