1 Day

What to Pack

Bathing suit, towel, water shoes, sun protection, bug spray, camera and cash for any souvenir purchases.


$140 p/person (min 2 pax) $85 /child (Children are 5-11 years of age). Infants don't pay. The $5 /person Entry Fee to the Chagres National included in the price.


Ground and boat transportation, typical Embera Lunch
( which includes beverages and local fruits), entrance to the park and a bottle of water.

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The Embera Indian Village Tour is a visit to the community of the Embera Parara Puru in the banks of the Chagres river. The tour starts on the port of Corotu, where you will embark on dugout canoes to travel up the Chagres river in an exploration were you will see waterfalls, exotic vegetation and a myriad of aquatic birds. The first stop on the tour is to trek through a system of creeks, streams and river rocks on the way to a magnificent waterfall and natural pool where you can swim. After the trekking, you will be taken to the Embera Parara Puru community where you will have lunch while an artisan from the village shows you how the famous Embera baskets and sculptures are made. After lunch, you will see and hear the Embera on 3 different dances. Before returning to the Corotu embarkation point, you will have a chance to browse through the craft exhibit and purchase souvenirs if you wish.

What’s Special about the Embera Indian Village Tour?

⌘︎  Unforgettable dugout canoe exploration of the chagres river.
⌘︎  Trek to a magnificent waterfall where you can swim.
⌘︎  A first hand discovery of the ancient Embera Culture.
⌘︎  Witness the Embera Indian dances of the Crane, Butterfly, and Monkey.
⌘︎  Learn about the Embera lifestyle and how they make the famous baskets and sculptures using native wood and seeds.
⌘︎  See a myriad of colorful aquatic birds.
⌘︎  See exotic and lush vegetation and fauna.
⌘︎  Typical Lunch is included

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