The Bocas del Toro Dolphin Bay Tour Duration is around 7 hours starting at 9:00am.


Adult $75 – Child $45 (Children are 5-11 years of age).
Infants free.

Entrances are included.

What to Pack

Sun Glasses, Snorkeling Mask if you own one (one is provided if you don’t have one), Fins, Hat, Sunscreen

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What’s Special about the Starfish Beach, Bird’s Island and Boca del Drago Tour in Bocas del Toro?

This Bocas del Toro Day Tour explores beautiful beaches and exotic places such as Bird Island and Star Fish Beach. You will see colorful starfish, several varieties of aquatic birds and crystalline waters.

  • ⌘︎  See a colorful variety of Starfish on Starfish beach.
  • ⌘︎  See the exuberance of Bird’s Island and their caves
  • ⌘︎  Boca del Drago unique rock form
  • ⌘︎  Enjoy the idyllic beach of Starfish Beach

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