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About Deep Fishing

The Pacific Coast has two different marine environments, one is the Gulf of Panama on the east side and the other one is the Gulf of Chiriqui on the west side. Both are divided by the Azuero Peninsula. This particular division promotes a unique combination of rich marine life with a big variety of fish. Temperature is also something to consider. The temperature of the Gulf of Panama varies significantly depending on the season of the year. 82-84F of warm waters for 8-10 months a year and 62-69F of cold waters for the rest of the year. Panama has different alternatives for fishing lodges and fishing camps, some of them are world recognized with world records for Marlin fishing, but if you want to fish near Panama City a good option is Lake Gatun (at the Panama Canal). This 164 square miles of artificial lake is considered one of the best lakes for fishing Peacock Bass in the world, and many more are found here too.

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Trip starts at 6:00 AM and returns at 3:00 PM approximately. It can also be arranged for the afternoon hours.


Price is $ 1,600 per day minimum 2 people and boarding will be in the Pacific beach area of Panama City.


Fishing equipment, Bait, Drinks

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Panama means “abundance of fish” that is why this is one of the top world class countries for sports fishing. Water activities abound in the Republic of Panama but fishing is one of the most rewarding ones for those who love the marine adventures. Your experience level does not matter because Panama has so much to offer for different levels and ages. There are two oceans, the Pacific and the Caribbean to enjoy. In the Pacific coast, Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Dorado, etc. can be found in open water fishing and Grouper or Snapper in bottom fishing. On the other hand, the Caribbean offers Tarpon, Barracuda, Snook, Snapper, Wahoo, Bonefish, Jack Crevalle, Tuna, King Mackerel and Grouper; all of this in one country, Panama.

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