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Duration This tour will lasts up to 6 hours. Prices Adult $75 – Child $55 (Children are 6-11 years of age). Children under 5 yrs old is at no additional charge. Perks Sun Glasses, Snorkeling Mask if you own one (one is provided if you don’t have one), Fins, Hat, Sunscreen We will go to … Read more

Gamboa Lake Gatun Fishing

Gatun Fishing (2) Min

Duration This tour will lasts up to 6.5 hours. It will start at the Embarcation at la Rampa in Gamboa Park at 7:00am and ends at 1:30pm. Prices 2-3 persons $185 adult $125 child 4-5 persons $165 adult $100 child 6 or more $145 adult $90 child Includes: transportation from the city of Panama and … Read more

Pipeline Trail Hike

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Transportation There will be a bus to transport you to and from the tour. What to Pack Long Pants, Long Sleeve Shirts, Hiking Boots, insect repellent, Hat, Sun Screen, Sun Glasses, Camera Perks National Park entrance, Naturalist English speaking guides, bottled water.  The best trail is the Pipeline trail in Soberanía park to see Sloth, … Read more