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The Colon Province

Colon Province in Panama is an amalgamation of history and culture embedded in the lap of nature. No other place offers better value for the tourist’s buck than Colon does. Caribbean beaches, lowland rainforests, world-class bird sanctuaries, water sports, colonial ruins, and modern engineering marvels are all part of the package. For the wanderlust tourist, the first smell of history emanates from the Spanish forts now in ruins that stand out as a morbid reminder of the Spanish colonization of the island. At the peak of Spain’s trade with the rest of the world, Colon served as a resting place for Latin American merchandise mostly gold and silver on its way to Spain.

This made the coastal towns of Nombre de Dios and Portobelo amorously wealthy and susceptible to pirate attack and plundering. In spite of the San Lorenzo Fort offering first level of resistance at Portobelo, English explorers plundered the Caribbean coastal towns, ransacking and looting all that they could before torching the place. Finally, Spain was forced to abandon sailing across the Panamas in favor of the Cape Horn. The Portobelow ruins are listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Colon Province has since witnessed many economic ups and downs in rapid succession.

What's Not Included

National park admission fee, Agua Clara entrance and lunch.


PanCanal Railway train ride from Panama City to Colon early morning, a visit to the Agua Clara Locks at the Panama Canal in Colon area., National Parks visit (Fort Sherman and San Lorenzo), lunch stop in the Colon Area and a ride back to Panama City.


US$190.00 p/pax (min. 2 pax.) included train tickets, guide & all guided transfers

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We offer the Colon train & fort tour from Monday through Friday (no service on week ends) and the Gatun Lock has been replaced by Agua clara lock center it is part of the new expansion project of the canal and has a movie theater, exhibits and patio viewing. The entrance is $10.00 per person we pick up passengers from their hotel and the guide will drop you off at Albrook station where the tour will begin then the guide will meet you in Colon to start the tour at the train station. You will visit Agua Clara Lock and the Fort San Lorenzo national park then upon finishing you will return in a private car.

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