caving & kayaking tour (bayano lake)

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What’s Special about the Panama Caving & Kayaking tour?

⌘︎  Enjoy a pleasurable boat ride on the way to the Cave
⌘︎  Explore an awe-inspiring river cave
⌘︎  See fruit bats and other cave creatures in their natural habitat⌘︎  Bath in a pristine natural pool
⌘︎  Kayak on an exotic lake while enjoying nature and rich vegetation.
⌘︎  Enjoy a delicious tropical lunch



Transportation to Embarkation Point Included.


2 Adult minimum, adults Pay $185 each
10 to 12 years Old: $110 Tours not recommended for kids under 10.

What to Pack

Water shoes, comfortable clothing, change of dry clothes, Bug Repellent, Hat, Sun Screen Lotion

The Panama Caving & Kayaking Tour is an unforgettable experience. The tour consists of a spirit touching exploration of a cave and kayaking on lake Bayano. The tour begins from our embarkation point. During the boat ride of approximately 25 minutes, a variety of aquatic birds can usually be observed on the way to the cave entry point. The cave rock formations have an alien feel to them as a result of the sustained water erosion throughout the centuries. You may feel like you are in a Jurassic park scene at times as you see light filtering through the cave. After the cave exploration, we will stop for lunch where you embarked on the boat an outdoor setting atmosphere is waiting for you. After lunch you can kayak on the lake for relaxation.

Included on this tour?

Unnamed (3)

⌘︎  Entrance to Bayano Adventure Park

⌘︎  Guide⌘︎  Lunch, Snacks & Soft Drinks

⌘︎  Bayano Lake Caves Adventure / Entrances, Equipment, Captain, Boat Included

⌘︎  Transfer from Bayano Lake to Panama City

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Above & Beyond Expectations

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